DIAMAR® Marine Automation System

The DIAMAR marine automation system of Sedni is a distributed integrated alarm monitoring and control system (IAMCS), which was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of shipyards and shipowners. DIAMAR is built from modular hardware components to provide an optimal solution to all types of vessels, under the highest standards of safety and reliability:

  • Ferries, ROPAX, RORO
  • Container ships
  • Bulk carrier, car carriers
  • Shuttle tankers, chemical tankers
  • Offshore support & construction vessels
  • Research vessel, fishing and coastal vessel
  • Mega-Yachts
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Highly intuitive monitoring and controlling

Remote monitoring and control stations, provide a functional, user-friendly human machine interface (HMI), which promotes the use of touch screens, intuitive menus and high quality mimics. All the relevant functions on board are covered by DIAMAR, such as:

  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Power Management System / auxiliary generators control.
  • Auxiliary machinery control
  • Cargo / ballast monitoring and control
  • Reefer monitoring
  • Heating ventilation and air condition (HVAC)
  • Trends

Distributed process, modular technology

The heart of DIAMAR marine automation lies in its modular I/O hardware, which has internal and independent processing capabilities. These modules are installed close to the equipment which is to be controlled. Our distributed architecture allows local modules to drop the processed information into the network through a triple-redundant data bus (CANBUS), providing the maximum robustness and reliability to the entire system, while at the same time representing a significant cost savings in installation, commissioning and maintenance.

I/O modules can be fitted in our cabinets, or into those supplied by third parties. Therefore the installation can be completed and pre-commissioning before installation on board, i.e. main switchboard, pump center, valve control cabinets, serial lines interface etc. At any time, additional modules, which can include new alarms and extensions to the functionality of the system, can be added to the DIAMAR system. The reduced types of I/O modules, all of them sharing common technology, have significant advantages as follows:

  • Reduced number of spares on board.
  • Same type of modules for all processes.
  • Reduction in the need for training.
  • Makes it easier for installation, commissioning and service.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting. The on-board engineers can quickly replace modules without tools or additional software.
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Cost Optimization

DIAMAR marine automation system has been designed to comply with the highest levels of safety and reliability, ensuring system availability. It supports redundancy at all levels including communications, multiprocessor and power supply. DIAMAR meets the requirements of the IMO, local authorities and Classification Societies for unattended machine. Modules have got the type approval of all major Classification Societies. Compared to traditional solutions, modules type distributed architecture, allows considerable cost reduction for both shipyard and shipowner.

  • Simplifying engineering, installation, commissioning and documentation.
  • Reducing the cost of cabling.
  • Reducing delivery time for shipbuilding.
  • Increasing safety operation of ship.
  • Reducing troubleshooting times
  • No maintenance required for modules, as there are not fans or adjustable parts inside.

Download the Technical Charateristics and Especifications of DIAMAR®