NEREIDA CONTAINERS is a software application mainly oriented to shipping companies, brokers and container terminals which allows the management of one or several container carriers from the offices.

  • Quick, confortable and accurate work system that will entail an increase of the productivity of the company with a decrease of the human resource cost.
  • Calculates the number of movements needed by each crane to estimate the total operation time.
  • The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) performs a practically inmediate transmission and with total accuracy of the complete bay plan.

Main features

  • EDIFACT file transfer for communication between the ship and the different companies and terminals via email.
  • Wide ‘load condition’ settings: VGM, POL, POD, place of delivery, operator, registration, weight, IMDG, etc.
  • Different display containers colors configurable by the user (POL, POD, OPE…).
  • Compatible with BAPLIE, COPRAR and MOVINS files.
  • Ability to select multiple containers at once and modify one or more properties simultaneously.
  • It allows the possibility to define a new type of container.
  • Provides several container stowage criteria to help you avoid mistakes.
  • Large database with IMDG codes embedded.
  • Allows to assign each ship to particular traffic line.
  • It allows exporting data to other common commercial programs.

Currently available in two versions

NEREIDA CONTAINERS PLANNER. Basic version. It can work with multiple vessels but it can’t change its configuration.

NEREIDA CONTAINERS PRO. Advanced version. Allows to create new vessels and to modify the bay configuration of each vessel.


Download the Technical Charateristics and Especifications of NEREIDA CONTAINERS