Sedni completes an important automation project at Navantia shipyard. Ship “Cerro de la Pez” for PEMEX


11 Aug Sedni completes an important automation project at Navantia shipyard. Ship “Cerro de la Pez” for PEMEX

Navantia has delivered to PEMEX the vessel “Cerro de la Pez”. Her name honours the location of the first oil well drilled in Mexico in 1904.

“Cerro de la Pez” is a platform support vessel (BAP) suitable for accommodating over 700 oil platforms workers in the Gulf of Mexico for long periods of time. The vessel was designed to the higher comfort of the users at sea, so several leisure and recreation facilities has been included. A large telescopic finger, to facilitate the passage of personnel from the vessel to the platforms, and a helideck stand out in the upper decks.

Sedni has been the Spanish maker in charge of supplying the Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS). With this project Sedni consolidates its renowned experience in automation in all types of ships. This has been a project of great magnitude where our DIAMAR® manages more than 5000 channels coming mainly from engine room. Above picture shows example of monitored and controlled main systems. The DIAMAR® distributed architecture satisfies all safety and reliability requirements from DNV-GL DP3 class notation and SRtP rules (Safe Return to Port).


DIAMAR EN BAP_ENFigure 1. Overview Diamar in Cerro de la Pez.

Sedni has also supplied its load calculator “NEREIDA Loading Computer”, a safety and powerful tool for the integral management of the load on board. A quick and straightforward way to work, using a friendly graphic interface. Stability of the ship is calculated under any loading condition. Modules of Intact Stability, Longitudinal Resistance and Fault Module have been included in this ship.

All relevant data from tanks (fuel, ballast, fresh water, etc) are integrated into the NEREIDA Loading Computer via “on line”  with DIAMAR® automation system.

Critical calculated values are compared by the IMO, SOLAS and DNV-GL criteria.

Captura de pantalla de 2017-09-07 11-00-20

Figure 2. Nereida Software Screenshot.

During the execution period of the project, Sedni has demonstrated one its great strengths, being able to face with great flexibility the continues changes and updates requested by the shipyard.

In addition to, Sedni has shown the high value of human resources, by designing fully a customized IAMCS mimics. A large number of mimics cover all the details of system on board.

Captura de pantalla de 2017-07-13 17_09_27                   Captura de pantalla de 2016-11-14 22_34_32

Figure 3. Power Management System Mimic.                     Figure 4. Ballast System Mimic.

With the completion of this project, a new type of vessel (BAP) is incorporated to the extended Sedni reference list, which already includes:

  • Oil tankers.
  • Ferries, RORO, ROPAX.
  • Oceanographic research.
  • Hospital Vessel.
  • Asphalt carriers.
  • Cable layer.
  • Patrols boats.
  • Fishing vessels
  • Tugboats, Salvage, etc.

Scalable and modular design allows Sedni approach all kind of projects from few tens, up to 25.000 channels.