Ship Efficiency Management

Fuel consumption and environmental protection is a crucial issue, and the maritime industry cannot be left behind. Therefore from January 1st, 2013, the newly built ships must comply with the regulation of IMO Ship Efficiency Management. This implies the need to record consumption and emissions of the ship.

Optimal planning of travel costs

ECONOMIZER is a tool designed to work both on board and in offices, which allows control of the main factors influencing the consumption of our fleet. ECONOMIZER allows the planning of travel costs, dock entry for maintenance and comparison of different ships to see which ones are most suitable.


Main features:

  • ECONOMIZER analyses power consumption, navigation data and state of the sea.
  • The ship´s performance, and all other important data, concerning consumption is displayed on board and in real-time.
  • Graphical and intuitive interface.
  • ECONOMIZER calculates the overall performance of the boat, allowing for the estimation of cost per journey, performance the optimal operating point.
  • Specifying events for better visualization and analysis of the state of the fleet. Allowing both short and long term analysis.
  • ECONOMIZER allows saving the data stream of a journey as favorite for future comparisons.
  • Analysis of the influence of weather conditions on the fleet performance.
  • Calculation of hull performance. Analyzing the condition of the hull and propulsion system for optimal forecast maintenance times.
  • Connectivity to offices ashore for data transmission and subsequent data exportation, allowing the comparison between several campaigns and several boats to be undertaken easily and intuitively.

Download the Technical Charateristics and Especifications of DIAMAR ECONOMIZER