NEREIDA Loading Calculator

Maximizing load and assuring ship stability

Maximizing load while minimizing stress and assuring ship stability at all times is an advantage from the point of view of safety and economical performance.

Optimal load and ballast distribution

NEREIDA is an application developed by Sedni, that allows the user to calculate an optimal load and ballast distribution for every type of vessel, making the work of the captain and deck officers easier and faster

Graphical and intuitive environment

Developed in a graphical and intuitive environment, NEREIDA calculates the stability and longitudinal strength of the ship.

Main features

  • Quick and accurate calculation.
  • Dynamic graphic interface customized for each ship, clear visualization of the results and loads.
  • NEREIDA is easy to use and provides a user-friendly experience, by simulating 3D views of the ship model and load.
  • Stability calculation in any situation, including intact and damage stability and the IMO weather criteria.
  • Longitudinal strength and torsion calculations, shear forces bending moments.
  • Draft and trim calculation, allowing trim and ballast optimization for every load condition.
  • Flexibilidad a la hora de imprimir los informes, y total conectividad con diferentes aplicaciones en las oficinas en tierra.
  • NEREIDA comes with the possibility of print multiple types of reports, and connectivity with a range of applications in the office.
  • Approved by all classification societies.


Specific modes for every type of ship

  • Offshore support vessels:
  • Specific graphic mode for crane loads.
  • Bulk-carriers:
  • Specific mode for grain shift calculation.
  • Tankers and FPSOs:
  • Specific mode that updates the density value of the load.
  • Ferries and ROROs:
  • Displays of graphical layouts and plans, easy identification and visualization of loads. Possibility of load classification depending on IMDG. Graphic and easy load entering, NEREIDA takes into account all the load limitations.
  • Containers. Fast load planning and reliable strength calculation:
  • NEREIDA offers the possibility of load classification depending on multiple factors as IMDG, charge or discharge port, etc.

Additional features

  • Communication with the main automation systems and tank level gauging systems.
  • NEREIDA can provide charging and discharging sequences simulation and self-ballasting.
  • In case of sensor failure NEREIDA allows you to enter tank levels manually.