Sedni was established in 1987 to support the challenging demands of shipyards and shipowners in marine ship machinery and systems. And since then, we have been providing high quality and international reputation equipments, with the aim of increasing ship safety and reducing ship operational costs

Due to their solid experience acquired by designing, engineering and commissioning, SEDNI has become a trusted brand, respected by our international customers, both in new shipbuilding and retrofitting.

Our projects and solutions borne out us being
the best recongnition of the values that guide us:

1. Confidence

Dealing with sedni is dealing with experienced professionals, and highly reliable products that you can trust. It is a responsible company marked by integrity and concern for the health, safety and environment.

2. Implication

We are known for our tenacity and persistence. We always strive to meet the expectations of our customers. We set ambitious goals for ourselves that drives us to excel, looking for creative and innovative solutions that meet international regulations.

3. Innovation

We are continuously innovative and implement improvements in everything related to our business, from our products to our processes and experiences of our customers. We relentlessly pursue improvements, as a part of who we are: New ideas and new solutions.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in our business. There is a continual exchange of ideas between us, our suppliers, our partners and our customers. We work as a team, sharing knowledge and valuing team success for the benefit of our customers and our own competitiveness.

Our greatest satisfaction is the recognition from clients
who have been using our systems for many years.

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