Sedni at the Greenoil Technical Days.

Sedni participated at the “Greenoil Technical Days”. During the seminar, agents from different parts of the world were able to learn first-hand about the operation and advantages of the Greenoil filtering system, exchange impressions and share the good acceptance of the filtering system by international shipowners and shipyards.

Sedni as Greenoil Standard agent for the Spanish market, was able to share some successful references with the system both in retrofittings and new constructions in Spanish shipyards and ship owners, as well as to raise potential business opportunities in Spain.

This seminar was an invaluable opportunity to delve into the world of filtration for propulsion, hydraulic, lubrication, diesel and gas oil systems for all types of vessels. 

The brainstorming shared during the seminar showed how the shipowner can have a cost-effective and sustainable solution thanks to the remarkable reduction of maintenance costs, oil consumption, personnel costs, as well as an amazing ROI in just one year.