New factory trawler “Baldvin Njálsson” fishes with diamar® on board

This freezer trawler is the V/128 of Armón Vigo shipyards, with a total length of 66.30 meters and a beam of 15 meters. It is an order for the Icelandic fishing company Nesfiskur and a Skipasýn design.


This vessel, with a notation *100A1 stern trawler, *IWS, Ice Class 1C FS [1B FS HULL], *LMC, UMS, ECO, and approved by Lloyds Register, has the diamar® system, which allows to monitor, through customized mimics, and control, either by hardwired channels or through serial lines, different systems on board (pumps, valves’ control, power plant management, tanks level gauging, etc.).













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