Sistema integral de monitorización y control de alarmas

The Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System Diamar already crosses the Adriatic Sea on board the schooner “Klara”

Recently the schooner “Klara” has entered into service, a vessel with almost 64 m length, 10 m beam and 5.35 m draft. It has 18 luxurious cabins to accommodate up to 36 passengers who can enjoy on board all kinds of amenities.

The crew will have the Diamar automation system to control and monitor different systems such as tanks level gauging, power plant management, pump management, heating ventilation and air condition system, etc.

With this Croatian project, Sedni increases the list of countries in which it has some of its products, including Panama, Mexico, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Holland, Turkey, Spain, Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

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