diamar® system on board the Scientific research vessel named “Jaywun”

The multipurpose fishing oceanographic research vessel, “Jaywun”, built at Astilleros P. Freire, NB 730, whose shipowner is the ‘Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)’, has an overall length of 47.10 m. and a beam of 12.00 m.

This vessel, with Class Notation LR +100A1, UMS, DP(AM), CAC(3), BWTS +LMC, and approval by Lloyds Register, already sails with the diamar® automation system on board. Thanks to diamar® the operator can, through customized mimics, monitor and control all the equipment connected to the system: pumps, valves (double and single effect), fans (normal and reversible with speed control), dead-man system , tanks level gauging, PMS, main engines, propellers, etc. All of these through hardwired channels or through serial lines using different communication protocols (Modbus TCP/IP, Canbus J1939, Modbus RS485).

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