Sedni delivers diamar® system for four patrol vessels for MAPA.

Sedni delivers the diamar® automation system for the series of four patrol boats built in the Armón Group Shipyards for the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (MAPA), whose main purpose is the fight against illegal fishing.

These constructions, ‘Rio Sil’, ‘Rio Guadiato’, ‘Rio Riaza’ and ‘Rio Luna’, with a length of 35m and a beam of 7.80m, are based on the previous patrol boat ‘Río Arlanza’ of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, also built by Armón and which also has the diamar® automation on board.

The diamar® system allows the crew, in a simple and intuitive way, to monitor and control different systems on board, power management system (PMS), tank levels, communication with the main engines (CAN J1939).

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