diamar® – Cap de Barbaria.

diamar® In The First Hybrid Spanish Ferry.

Sedni has developed the automation system for the Cap de Barbaria ferry through the diamar® IAS system, including two monitoring and control stations installed on the bridge, two stations in the engine control room, and one in the Chief Engineer’s cabin, integrating and monitoring: 

• Remote control of pumps and valves

• Fan control 

• Power Management System (PMS)

• Energy Management System (EMS)

• Consumption for remote owner control

This ferry holds a class notation I + HULL + MACH RO-RO PASSANGER SHIP, COASTAL WATER, AUT-UMS, ELECTRIC HYBRID (PM) approved by Bureau Veritas. It has a double-ended design allowing embarkation and disembarkation operations from both bow and stern.

Operational since May 2023, Cap de Barbaria was built by Armón Vigo (V138) for Balearia. With a capacity of 390 passengers, this ferry has a LOA of 82 meters and a beam of 15.5 meters.

Example of Mimics
Example of Mimics
Engine Room - Cap de Barbaria
Engine Room - Cap de Barbaria

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